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Join Peepers on a Bilingual Adventure!


Our Mission

Our mission is simple, to inspire children through the joy of learning.

Children love to learn and we love to teach, that is why we created a series of books called The Adventures of Peepers. Each book is a colorful, bilingual experience that teaches children the fundamentals of a new language while inspiring them to learn. These quality books for boys and girls between the ages of 2 and 6 are valuable learning tools with a perfect companion. Peepers is a beautifully illustrated, curious and endearing character who encourages children to learn through his exciting travels.

Enjoy The Adventures of Peepers in a variety of different languages.


📖 Currently Released:

◧ English - French 

◧ English - Spanish


📖 Coming Soon:

◧ English - German

◧ English - Italian

◧ English - Arabic

...with stories in more languages coming soon!



The entire Adventures of Peepers book series is now available on Amazon in one convenient book. That's right, all 4 of Peepers bilingual adventures have been printed into one, so that learning a second language is even easier than before!


A Learning Experience

A Learning Experience which is greatly enhanced with delightful stories and a friendly duckling who will have children asking to hear these stories again and again.  The key to learning another language is repetition, and these books make it easy to have a simple daily routine of reading, hearing, and soon remembering multiple languages.  Parents and teachers alike will feel comfortable and enthusiastic to share these bilingual stories & learn diverse cultural experiences along the way. There is something for everyone.

Starting with Book 1, which introduces Peepers, the inquisitive little duckling, who engages children by weaving educational lessons into real life situations. Children will want to hear about his adventures and will delight in being able to read the stories themselves.

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